Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 things - Number 10: Personalize your BlackBerry

You can make your BlackBerry truly your BlackBerry by completely personalizing it. You can start by simply changing the ringtone, or maybe the wallpaper, or go all the way and install new themes. BlackBerry themes change all aspects of your BlackBerry including the fonts, wallpaper, icons, and screen layout. There are many web sites that offer ringtones, wallpapers, and themes, but why not start right in the CrackBerry,com by following the links below:

*'s Free Ringtone Gallery
*'s Free Wallpaper Gallery
*'s Free Theme Gallery
*'s Premium Theme Gallery
* for more Premium Ringtones, Themes and Games

That's it! 10 Things You Should Know About Using a BlackBerry! Now go use it! And don't worry, if you get addicted, and that does happen, you can check out Kevin's CrackBerry Book to get your BlackBerry use under control.