Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coloricks game for blackberry Free download

download : Coloricks game for blackberry

Coloricks is an addictive puzzle game that fuses gameplay from the classic video games Klax, Brick Breaker and Bejeweled.

In Coloricks you play a little green man who must remove all the bricks above him by making groups of five or more matching-colored bricks.

You hit the fire button to drop the brick or column of same-colored bricks directly above you. Then use the scroll wheel to move the alien left and right and hit fire to send the bricks shooting above you. If a group of five or more conjoining bricks is made, the bricks disappear and you get some juicy points.

Coloricks is made more challenging by the fact that all the bricks drop a level after a set time limit. This means you're constantly playing against the clock to make sure all those bricks don't end up crushing you! To help you in your quest, Coloricks includes a few fun power-ups that can be used to explode bricks in various ways.

The graphics in Coloricks are very neat and colorful. The explosion sound effects are pretty cool too, although there is no in-game music.

Compatible devices:

* BlackBerry 7100t * BlackBerry 8100 Pearl * BlackBerry 8110 Pearl * BlackBerry 8120 Pearl * BlackBerry 8800 * BlackBerry 8820 * BlackBerry 8830 * BlackBerry 9500 Storm * BlackBerry 9700 * BlackBerry Bold 9000 * BlackBerry Curve 8300 * BlackBerry Curve 8310 * BlackBerry Curve 8520 * BlackBerry Curve 8900 * BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 * BlackBerry Storm 9530

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