Saturday, December 18, 2010

UNO Classic 2007 game for blackberry free Download

get rid of all your cards and shout out UNO!

If you don't know how to play it's fairly simple and this version offers a comprehensive explanation of the rules and instructions. We used to play a slightly different version with a rude word when I was younger. You lay down cards, change the direction of the game,

skip to the next player and change the selection of the cards being placed down.
It's fast and fun and you can change the settings depending on the number of virtual players you want to compete against and the character you wish to choose. You can also adjust the music and sound settings. You can have it on vibrate to remind you when it's your go which is much more pleasant, especially when playing more than one game. There is a variety of different rooms and tables to keep things interesting.

In terms of its presentation UNO Classic is impeccable and the many different characters and scenes you can choose from are all bright and colorful. It's pretty addictive too, and the addition of a 'House Rules' mode only lasts to its longevity.

Download UNO Classic 2007