Friday, July 29, 2011

how to Downgrade Facebook For BlackBerry to the old version

facebook version for blackberry

most of the people who upgrade there Facebook app for blackberry found alot of problems
those are 10 reviews from the people who use the facebook app and they hate it . you can download it from here

1 - It freezes ,, it doesn't refresh ,, nd it won't load anything .. I really don't like it ,,mayb u guy should fix it .. Or help me get the old facebook please .. Coz I really don't like this 1 ..

2 - This upgrade sucks! I absolutely hate it. I loved my previous version and am sorry I upgraded. I want my old version back but can't figure out how to get it! Ugh :(

3 - hate the new facebook!!! If anyone knows how to downgrade pls help

4 - Can't even accept the terms and conditions witout my fone freezing this new update fckin sucks (n)

5 - If I would have read the reviews b4 installing it I would have never done so. Super slow n doesn't refresh when u request to do it.

6 - Do not download the update. It doesn't work on my Bold 9700. The status feed doesn't work. The chat doesn't work. Nothing works. Wish I could uninstall it.

7 - If the last version of facebook was bad this one is completly bad its slow

8 - It won't even let me log in, so now I can't use my fb. Nat happy

9 - It looks great but it only worked for 1 hour then it didn't load news feed and now it won't notify anything! I have to do a reboot for it to work again everytime -_-!

10 - Won't load. Not had any need feeds for 8hours do wish I dint upgrade hate it so much I wouldn't of don't it if I knew. It would be this rubbish so disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    here is the way to downgrade the new version to the old version :

    Uninstall your Facebook app first, reboot/restart your device then install FB version

    Download OTA