Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 things -Number 1: Your BlackBerry PIN Number

Every BlackBerry has a unique number called a PIN number. This number is part of the BlackBerry itself and cannot be changed, even if you switch the SIM card. When you receive your new BlackBerry, one of the first things you should so, is find out it's PIN number.

To do this, find the Options icon (depending on the theme you are using, this could be under a folder on the BlackBerrys home screen, or right on the home screen. Click on Options, and scroll down to Status and click that. On the Status screen you will see your PIN number.

Unbeknown to you as a BlackBerry user, every time something is sent or received on your BlackBerry, your BlackBerrys PIN number is used. Browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, etc. Now as a BlackBerry user, you do not need to know this, however there are some advantages to knowing your BlackBerry PIN, and your friend's or colleges PINs.

If you know a friend or colleagues PIN number, you can actually compose a message to them, using their PIN number in the To field instead of their email address. When you send a message to someone's PIN number, the message goes straight from your BlackBerry to theirs instantly. If you send an email, that email must travel the path of any other email. Sending a PIN message, as it is called, is the fastest method of BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry communication. In addition, when a PIN message is delivered to the recipient's BlackBerry, you receive back a delivery confirmation in the form of a little "D" that appears next o the check mark.

PIN-to-PIN communication can be very useful in the corporate world too. Because sending a PIN message does not rely on your company's BlackBerry server, or email servers, so in the event of an outage, you can continue to communicate, as long as you know people's PIN numbers.