Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 things - Number 2: Run the Setup Wizard

When you receive a new BlackBerry and turn it on for the first time, it runs through the Setup Wizard. Many of you may dismiss this wizard with the excitement of wanting to start using your new BlackBerry, however this can cost you wasted memory.

The Setup Wizard does many things, but the most important one is removing unwanted languages from your BlackBerry. A new BlackBerry normally comes pre-loaded with many different languages. Each language takes up memory on your BlackBerry. If you only want to type English on your BlackBerry, then make sure that you make that selection when running the Setup Wizard because the Setup Wizard will delete any languages that you do not want to use. This really does make more memory available on your BlackBerry for all of those important emails and applications. If you skip the Setup Wizard, all of those languages stay behind and rob you of useful memory.

Other than the memory saving feature of the Setup Wizard, it does have great Navigation and Typing Tutorials, and steps you through setting up your email.