Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 things - Number 6: Buy a Memory Card

Today's BlackBerrys are full of multimedia features like cameras and video cameras. The BlackBerry Media Player can play many audio and video formats as well as display pictures. To really benefit from these features I recommend buy a Memory Card.
If you do not have a memory card, you can fill up your BlackBerrys internal memory quickly as you take pictures or video. When a BlackBerry gets close to running out of memory, it starts deleting old emails, calendar entries, address book contacts, etc. This is its self-preservation mechanism. As your BlackBerry runs out of memory it also becomes sluggish and sometimes things stop working they way they were intended.

The best way to prevent this is to buy a memory card. has many to choose from and you do not need to get the largest one you can find. Start with a 1GB memory card for $10.95. If you find you are filling it up quickly then you can purchase larger capacity cards.
When you insert a memory card into a BlackBerry, it sees it and will then save any pictures and video you take on your BlackBerry to that card, instead of the BlackBerrys internal memory.