Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Advanced Conference Call for blackberry free download

download : Advanced Conference Call for blackberry

Advanced Conference Call is a useful utility to help you schedule and make conference calls. It proves a good way to organize phone meetings using your BlackBerry.

If you regularly have to make conference calls for work, Advanced Conference Call can be a great help. You can use it to create a list of meetings, adding the name and description of the meeting before setting a time and date. Then you just need to add in the participants.

You can select up-to four other callers, extracting them from your contacts book or entering them manually.

Once you've set up a meeting in Advanced Conference Call, you can quickly send an SMS notification to all of the participants advising them of the call. You can choose to use the default invite, or compose your own message.

By selecting a meeting and hitting the 'Call now' option, you will initiate the conference call. Advanced Conference Call will start phoning the first contact on the participants list, then automatically dial the rest of them in turn. It's a much quicker process than the default conference call feature in BlackBerry, where everything is done manually.

Advanced Conference Call is perfect if you plan your conferences in advance, although it doesn't add any value if you're making calls on the fly. The app doesn't integrate into your BlackBerry phone menu to provide conference call features there.

Compatible devices:

* BlackBerry 7100t
* BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
* BlackBerry 8110 Pearl
* BlackBerry 8120 Pearl
* BlackBerry 8707v
* BlackBerry 8800
* BlackBerry 8820
* BlackBerry 8830
* BlackBerry 9500 Storm
* BlackBerry 9700
* BlackBerry Bold 9000
* BlackBerry Curve 8300
* BlackBerry Curve 8310
* BlackBerry Curve 8520
* BlackBerry Curve 8900
* BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
* BlackBerry Storm 9530

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