Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bolt application for blackberry free download

download : Bolt application for blackberry

Bolt is a faster alternative, crammed with features that give you more of a desktop-feeling web browsing experience. The Bolt browser supports many of the latest web technologies, including Flash video and HTML5. This means you can use it to watch YouTube clips on your BlackBerry, as well as access streaming video on sites such as MySpace, MTV and MetaCafe.

In our tests, we found Bolt to be significantly faster than the standard BlackBerry browser, and almost as quick as Opera Mini.
Unlike Opera Mini though, Bolt doesn't tinker around with the content, and displays pages as they were intended to be viewed on a desktop browser.

Bolt has many helpful features, including tabbed browsing (though you can only have three tabs open at once), a cool, customizable favorites page, and a built-in RSS feed reader. We were also impressed by the Web Apps feature in Bolt, which allows you to install widgets for things like weather, Twitter profiles, dictionaries, etc.

Although Bolt is easy enough to navigate, it lacks the intuitive page zoom controls of Opera Mini. Instead of just tapping to zoom in, you have to root around in the settings menu to adjust the zoom level.

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